7 things you can learn from your competitors about digital marketing

“Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.”
In the world of digital marketing, it’s too true. In all the businesses, it’s the competition that makes them push their limits and perform the best and deliver to achieve maximum satisfaction. You may have the best of everything. But ad it happens so, you might lack somewhere. So in order to set up milestones for others and achieve great success, learning from your competitors can help you. Here are 7 things that you can learn from your competitors.

1. It’s all about search.
We all are most certainly aware of Google’s search and its ranking. When you Google your business, what do you see? Where does your website show- in the first page or the following ones? Also, does it come above the organic searches or not. Questions like this will certainly help. While you are at it, check the same for your competitors’ website as well.

2. Locating target audience and then curating apt content.
What is the point of saying the details of a restaurant to the person who is looking for custom made jewellery? With this example, I can say for sure that that content intended for the target audience is an absolute. This relevant content can be posted in social media platforms along with embedding share buttons. Tip: keep a track of those shares and reaches.

3. Effective content, not everything is needed!
Continuing with the example cited above, for content, presence of the history of the custom made jewellery doesn’t need to be in the same place its description. In fact it doesn’t need to be there at all. Curation of content is considered to be important about 74% of the marketers. If you content is catchy, it is likely to get viral. Not just articles and blog, think out of the box and find other ways to portray the same.

4. Get your hands on “trending now”
You must have seen this in Facebook and Twitter. They identify the trending topics and show it. With the knowledge of these topics, you can definitely create catchy content. This newsjacking is definitely going to get attention of readers and grow your audience (at times, even exponentially).

5. Pictures! Not just Instagram, audience loves them too.
A picture is worth thousand words. In case of digital marketing, it’s highly effective. Along with well curated content, alluring animations, photographs, videos and infographic posts can help you spread your words better. And a picture tends to retain longer in memory than text. So when you put a quote or small message in the picture tends to be in minds of your audience for long and they will certainly refer to you!

6. Polls and surveys.
With all the things mentioned above, one more can keep you ahead of your competitors. Polls and surveys. Conduct effective market research using forms and also take various polls regularly. This will help you know what your audience likes and what they are looking for from you. This knowledge can be used to create well versed content. Along with right images and videos, you can create your own news and communicate with the audience.

7. Last but never the least, quality!
Quality. This terms literally translates and bets everything you are giving in for your digital marketing. It’s not the quantity that always matters. But with high quality information, you can keep your audience attracted to you and they will definitely look for more. The posts should be informative, innovative, and creative and yes, grammatically correct!

These are a few things that you can learn from your competitors. While you are working with let’s say content or image, think the objective behind it. What purpose does it? Whom will the content be effective? Will it inspire, educate or solve a problem? Keeping these questions in your mind, your content/visual should be an answer to it.