Data Analytics using Python

Python is a popular programming language, its used in different fields including Data Analytics. This introductory course introduces the students to this beautiful language. After language fundamentals are taught, the student is introduced to advanced Python topics which are important for analysis of Data.

Unit 1: Getting started with Python

  • Using the IPython notebook
  • Python basics: variables, conditionals, loops
  • Data structures: lists and dictionaries

Unit 2: Data Handling & Strings

  • Reading data into memory
  • Working with strings
  • Catching exceptions to deal with bad data
  • Writing the data back out again

Unit 3: Python & Pandas

  • Using Pandas, the Python data analysis library
  • Series and Data Frames
  • Grouping, aggregating and applying
  • Merging and joining

Unit 4: Visualization

  • Visualization with matplotlib
  • Figures and subplots
  • Labeling and arranging figures
  • Outputting graphics
  • Case Study Discussion with Experts
  • Start Date: 21-January-2017
  • Time: 2:PM to 4:PM on Saturdays
  • Time: 5:PM to 7:PM on Monday & Tuesday
  • Course Duration: 30 Hours
  • Instructor: Industry professional with 5+ years experience