Ethical Hacking

The complete ethical hacking & penetration testing training is a comprehensive training course that creates the foundation of ethical hacking. If you want to get in the cyber security field (that you should), then this is an ideal course for you. It teaches you, how to find vulnerabilities (bugs or loopholes, like coding mistakes, configuration mistakes or errors etc) in any applications and Network infrastructures including networking devices, mobiles and etc. Web Application Penetration is specific to digging the same specific to web applications

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  1. Legality and Ethics
  2. Networking & Basics
  3. Foot Printing
  4. Google Hacking
  5. Scanning
  6. Enumeration
  7. System Hacking
  8. Windows Hacking
  9. Trojans & Backdoors
  10. Virus & Worms
  11. Sniffers
  12. Social Engineering
  13. Proxy Server & Packet Filtering
  14. Denial of Service
  15. Social Engineering
  16. Phishing
  17. Denial of Service Attack
  18. Session Hijacking

Penetration Testing

  1. Vulnerability Assessment
  2. Linux Hacking
  3. Physical Security
  4. Hacking Webservers
  5. Web Application Vulnerabilities
  6. Web Based password Cracking Techniques
  7. SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
  8. Cryptography
  9. Wireless Network Hacking and Countermeasures
  10. Evading IDS, Firewalls and Detecting Honey Pots
  11. Buffer Overflows
  12. Reverse Engineering
  13. Hacking Database Servers

Advanced Topics

  1. Steganography
  2. Spying Technologies
  3. Hacking Routers and Firewalls
  4. Computer Forensics and Incident Handling
  5. Botnets
  6. Hacking emails
  7. Privacy on the Internet
  8. Creating Security Policies
  9. Exploit Writing
  10. Patch Management
  11. Covering Tracks