Node.js – How it started

Introduction to Node.js

There is lot of confusion about Node.js, whether it is a new language or a new framework, but its neither. Node is a javascript runtime environment built using V8 engine. Ryan Dahl is the man behind Node, he developed 

this in 2009, it all started with a little progress bar written by him for the flickr photo sharing web service. This little code impressed the people at the JSConf.

Looking at the standing ovation he received for his presentation Ryan went on further developing this code base which eventually came to be known as Node.js

Node.js is single threaded where as PHP, Ruby, apply multi-threaded approach. Though its single threaded, Node uses the asynchronous approach to handle multiple connections, using this approach millions of concurrent requests can be handled. For addressing scalability issues Node.js is the perfect answer.

Technically Node’s approach is non-blocking asynchronous execution

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